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The Right Honorable Brian Mulroney Speaks With The Pearson Centre for Progressive Policy



Prime Minister Brian Mulroney participated in a webinar and interview with The Pearson Centre for Progressive Policy. Interviewed by Brian Gallant, the former premier of New Brunswick, Mr. Mulroney spoke at length about his 10-point Agenda for Canadian Greatness, which outlines his call for social change in a post-pandemic nation. Mr. Mulroney believes that COVID-19 has laid bare imbalances and inequities in Canadian society that must be addressed in order for the country to re-group and move forward through positive transformative action.

The Prime Minister also discussed the importance of re-establishing a strong relationship with the United States regardless of the winner of the presidential election in November. Noting that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a difficult task ahead of him, but also the skills to succeed, Mr. Mulroney stressed the importance of re-building Canada’s “position of priority” with its southern neighbour.

For more information, please see also The Hill Times: “Trudeau Should Make ‘Special Effort’ to Rebuild Ties with U.S. After Election, Says Mulroney.”